Rules To Live By

Rules To Live By



When it comes to Culture Hot Sauce, there are a few rules Chef Dave lives by:

1. Fresh is best. I keep my ingredients whole and natural which means there are no emulsifiers, added preservatives, color stabilizers, or natural flavoring.

The “fresh is best” rule for ingredients 

Food has been a big passion of mine ever since I was a kid.  Throughout my life, I have gained a lot of knowledge about food which includes the science of how it works, and more importantly the culture and history of food.  My father, being a nutritionist, a roommate being into health, and myself into gardening, I have had a lot of great influences.  I have always followed and been reiterated with the trueness that the rule is “fresh is best.”

2. Good food should speak for itself.  If properly made with the best possible ingredients and made with care and attention, then the food will stand out. If I am going to name a sauce based on flavor or ingredient then the sauce will speak it.

3. Stay true to my style of cooking, full of rich flavor.

4. Be better, always progress.

5. Honesty.

6. Cook with care.

How the logo became the symbol of Culture Hot Sauce from Dave's perspective:

"It is actually my right hand.  I took a burnt orange color of a basic paint from Michaels to symbolize the earth, and I then covered my hand in the paint and imprinted my hand on a large piece of construction paper.  The reason for using my hand is because I have my hand in every step of the process whether it is picking produce from my gardens to hand-selecting it from markets, my frequently sanitized hands create the end product every step of the way from harvesting to preparation to cooking, bottling, and labeling.  This makes it more personal to me and I take pride in that."

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