How It Started

Growing up in a big Italian family meant hours in the kitchen, hovering over a simmering stove and grazing through ingredients until the final product was ready. Once Dave moved out of his childhood home, he found himself repeating those same steps, but taking a new twist on flavor with ingredients that he was able to grow himself. Growing, harvesting and creating became his passion. Soon, the garden was overflowing with peppers and the first big batch of Culture Hot Sauce was made. 

Through Dave's involvement and travels around the world with outrigger canoe racing, he has been immersed in worldly foods and flavors that cultivate comfort, happiness and enjoyment. 

By creating products inspired by distant travels but created with locally sourced ingredients, we are able to connect with small, local and family owned businesses to succeed together and create products that people love to use and share.

Our goal at Culture Hot Sauce is to continuously create a product that inspires curiosity, promotes health and wellbeing, and brings people together with good food made great.