Story of Fresh Squeezed Pumpkin

Story of Fresh Squeezed Pumpkin


The backstory behind Culture’s Fresh Squeezed Pumpkin hot sauce...

As someone who enjoys squash and in particular pumpkin season, I wanted to create a hot sauce with these seasonal flavors. I put quite a bit of thought behind it in order to create a hot sauce that tastes like pumpkin and worked on different foods.  

During my research, I had the thought to use beer in the recipe which I happened to choose one of my favorite beers that is citrus forward. Not all pumpkins are the same, heirloom pumpkins have a much different smell and taste than the traditional pie pumpkins.

Something that is common in the commercial food industry is the use of flavorings. Flavorings are aroma’s that are added to foods to give the sense of that particular flavor they want the food to taste like. As pumpkin flavored foods go I would think that latte’s are the most common or widely used in this manner.  Sticking true to my rules I wanted to create a spice mix that is exceptional.  Starting with spices sourced from some of their best known growing regions,I toast whole and then grind them. This completes the Fresh Squeezed Pumpkin hot sauce in grand fashion!

Heirloom pumpkins, Deschutes Fresh Squeezed Hazy IPA, and a perfect blend of spices make this pumpkin hot sauce a must try for anyone curious or already interested in seasonal pumpkin related flavor.

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