Story of Hungarian Secret

Story of Hungarian Secret


Spices have been a huge love for me in food.  Since I started cooking I was always so interested in spices and I love to use a good amount.  One of the first that I used often and love is paprika but especially Hungarian paprika because it is on a level of its own.  Having studied geography and gardening, the soil conditions and climate in Hungary are some of the best for growing peppers.  After many years I have found a source to get an extremely special paprika that is now the best spice I have tried in my life other than Tahitian vanilla bean but they are totally different.

One of my good friends is an Olympic kayaker(2-time gold medalist) originally from Hungary and for years she had been bringing me paprika from her home.  I made this sauce because of her and initially my sauces were quite spicy and she doesn't do spicy.  Hungarian Secret is more of a sweet pepper base with lemon, herbs and the prized Hungarian paprika and it is a mild sauce.  I love it with meats and vegetables but it also pairs well with a lot of foods.

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