Story of Bar Sauce

Story of Bar Sauce


As an early 20’s collegiate athlete, half my time was spent at practice and the rest was spent eating and working. At the time, I worked at an indoor rowing studio and would row about 23,000 meters a day and build up a massive appetite. The bar down the street had some of the best burgers and tacos in town with an incredible sauce to match. After years of drenching my food in their signature sauce, a teammate challenged me to make one similar, or better. 

I took the challenge and began to think about how I would formulate the recipe.  Once it clicked, it became clear that this was a damn good sauce, the best I had made. One of my favorite components is the flavor nostalgia and how it complements everyone's favorite foods.

Bar sauce came to be a well rounded sauce with an exceptional balance of simple yet complex flavor that was both different and familiar. Rich garlic notes, bold pepper flavor and a moderate heat for those who drench their tacos like I did. Though blended with pride, it was almost challenging to emotionally accept that Bar Sauce was the new best seller and customer favorite, passing my original Culture Hot Sauce recipe in stride.

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