Story of Blindsided

Mexican inspired and named from the delayed heat of really hot and spicy peppers. Dave also supports programs for the blind which is the reason for the seeing eye dog in the foreground on the label. To be clear chipotle peppers are smoked jalapenos. Morita peppers are smoked ripe red jalapenos. Dave kept everything on the red theme for this sauce and uses red morita peppers, blood oranges, and the infamous fiery red carolina reaper. Blindsided lives up to its name as the Carolina reaper being one of the hottest peppers in the world takes a fair amount of time to get hot.  Some have timed it upwards of ten minutes for the heat to peak. Blindsided takes about 1 minute and is most noticed around 10-15 seconds. Now when compared to other ghost or reaper sauces, this one is not quite as hot because my goal in making it was to showcase the great flavor of the Carolina reaper while keeping the heat level tolerable. All in all the flavor of Blindsided is up there with Dave’s best but you will have to be able to handle the hotter level heat this has. Keep in mind there are no chili extracts used in any of the sauces and any sauces that do use them will be in a heat field of their own.  For anyone who doesn't handle it as hot this sauce is great used to add into other sauces to enhance flavor and spice. Get Blindsided!

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