Story of Coconut Curry

Story of Coconut Curry


One of my first creative flavors of sauce.  Everytime I go to lunch with my coworkers I may crave different cuisines but Indian food or Thai food is not for everyone.  So even if we would get burritos, which I always love, I could have the taste of India and use the Mexican food as the carrier for the coconut curry hot sauce.  This is where I got the idea to create sauces with other flavors that no matter what I was craving I could fulfill those cravings.  Not growing up in an Indian household can be difficult to get the true flavors of the cuisine.  This recipe is one that took me some time to refine but has been worth the work.

When I was in Florida at a sand bar we grilled up some shrimp on the portable boat bbq and made some tacos that had 3 ingredients, Tortilla, shrimp, coconut curry hot sauce.  Still the best thing I've used the coconut curry sauce on and of course it was a beautiful setting in a beautiful place.

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