Story of Fig Tree

Oh the dreaded fig tree, life’s philosophy of putting in the work and being rewarded for it. Everyone should experience a good fresh fig. Figs ripen within days depending on weather and must be harvested when ripe. They also go bad within a couple of days once ripe and the entire ecosystem from birds, squirrels, rats, beatles, fruit flies, bees, and more wants them. Thus, I must check and climb the tree every couple of days to harvest any good figs. SO, that being said, a hot sauce made from fresh ripe figs is unheard of. Fig Tree was made in the style of a bbq sauce that was inspired by Italian and Californian flavors. I do not add sugar to any of my sauces and sugar being a main component of bbq sauce I use the sweetness of the fresh figs as the sugar component. Other than that, a few things that make it special is the fact that I made a high end worcestershire sauce with the best anchovy extract that comes from Campania, Italy. There are two very nice Brandy’s, one Italian Brandy from a maker a few hundred years old and one classic Californian from a maker originating in the old west. I love this sauce and it has been in strong competition as my favorite. I have found out that it gets better with age, 6 months is best but up to a year even better.

Check out the Sauce: Fig Tree

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