Story of Tahitian Dream

Story of Tahitian Dream


Chef’s favorite - still, even after making almost 100 different flavors. This sauce was inspired by Dave’s travels to Tahiti during his days of competing in the sport of outrigger canoeing. Tahiti left an impression with Dave not only from the sport but from the cuisine. His favorite dish in Tahiti is poisson cru which is known as “Tahitian ceviche”. This dish is commonly made with tuna and lime is added prior to eating so it is not completely “cooked” in citrus. The special part is the coconut cream hand squeezed from fresh shaved mature coconut meat. If visiting Tahiti I highly recommend trying poisson cru!

One of Dave’s favorite spices is Tahitian vanilla bean and has been for quite some time. Tahitian vanilla beans have an aroma unlike any other vanilla.  Although vanilla itself originates in Mexico the growing conditions in Tahiti (soil, climate, etc) are ideal for vanilla bean vines which give it their unique characteristics. Almost twice the price of normal vanilla, Tahitian beans can cost upwards of $700 per kilo which is about $300+ per lb. That doesn’t deter Dave from using it in his sauce, in fact it makes him even more likely to use it!  After all, his goal is to make the best sauce around and for people to really enjoy their food. He was pondering for some time a way to incorporate vanilla into his sauce and one day it came to him. Thus Tahitian Dram was created, a coconut cream, lime and Tahitian vanilla hot sauce all inspired from poisson cru and his fondness of the islands of Tahiti.

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