Story of Tangerine Dream

The only sauce I made on a whim.  Standing in the kitchen preparing to do a test batch of sauce my brother shows up, looks at me and asks “can you make one for fish?”  I thought to myself quickly about ingredients that I had growing fresh and the spices I had recently acquired from travels and I replied “yes!”  The next day I got to work on it and boy does it shine bright.  Ranking in my top 5 sauces, and yes it is fantastic with fish, especially ceviche.  Normally I am thinking for months about a recipe before I attempt to make it but the dots were connected on this one.  Now in order for me to keep this flavor in stock I have to keep my family away from the tangerine tree as they are fantastic and the best I’ve had in my life!

Check out the Sauce: Tangerine Dream

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