Story of The Don

Original in many ways but importantly to me, it was my first that I made a legitimate label to sell. It’s what officially started it all and still provides.  The story behind this is that I took a classic combination of pineapple and habanero and added extra zest to complete and round out the flavors. I still remember the first time I tasted It. Sitting on my front porch I had got take out from my local Mexican spot and the sauce was still warm. Sitting by myself I doused carne asada tacos with the sauce, took a bite, picked my head up and said “WOW” out loud.  I knew I had a sauce that was worthy. “What was I to name it?” One of my mentors Mike with whom I paddle with had a boat named “The Don” but that wasn’t the only reason where the name came from. To me a “Don” is like an uncle or figure that you look up to and I found it fitting to name the sauce “The Don” because I believed it was worthy and great enough for his approval. Mike is always a big believer in making things great, better and done how they should be, for the right reasons. I too believe in this but having someone reiterate it constantly is like always having more of a good thing. Still to this day The Don is in the top few sauces and continues to excite the taste buds of many people.

Check out the Sauce: The Don

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